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Pelikan´s Seminars 1990 – 2016

Pelikan´s Seminar 2016 (Proceedings of the Seminar)

The Medical Commission of the Czech Mountaineering Association, The Czech Society for Mountain Medicine and The Medical Commission of the Slovak Mountaineering Association organized together on 29th – 30th October 2016 the “27th Pelikán’s Seminar”. This traditional meeting is held in honour of Dr. Jiří Pelikán who lost his life on ascent to Annapurna in 1988. This year it took place in Moravian Karst, in a part of the Czech Republic which is famous for its cave systems.

More than 60 participants and lecturers had an opportunity to enjoy 26 well prepared lectures. The main topics are quite long-established: mountain and travel medicine, wilderness medicine, first aid and rescue techniques in the mountains, climbing trauma and accidents, frostbites and hypothermia, high altitude sickness and avalanche accidents; for the first time Diploma in Mountain Medicine and a point of law had become a hot topic. The last but not least was a report from international congresses and other professional meetings… continued

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