Elective for Residents and Registrars with Interest in Mountain Medicine 2020

Steve Roy (Quebec Secours SAR, Resident Physician Elective in Wilderness Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Canada) – ismmed@googlegroups.com:

Hi everyone,

We are running the third edition of our Resident Physician Elective in Wilderness Medicine in 2020 and have recently opened the application period. I thought I would pass on the flyer for our program in case some of you ISMM listervees know (or are) a young physician who would be interested in learning more about spending a month in Canada attending our unique program.

The elective is run as a joint program between McGill University and WildernessMD. We take 16 residents/registrars from across Canada and around the world who have completed their internship year for a 1-month program spent entirely in the backcountry of Quebec, Canada. Participants have the opportunity to master their mountain medicine skills with daily simulations, and enjoy the backcountry in 4 different nature reserves and provincial parks. Our course covers everything from review of the essentials to numerous advanced topics including polar medicine, wilderness management of obstetric emergencies, remote field amputation and other surgical procedures, neurological problems at altitude, expedition planning for special populations, wilderness ultrasound and point-of-care testing, wilderness EMS medical direction, among many others.

The next elective takes place March 10 – April 5, 2020 but our application period is only open for the next 3 months or until we receive 100 applications. Our flyer is available online here: wilderness.md/res/RPEWM2020flyer.pdf

Please pass this on to your residents and registrars!
Best wishes,

Steve Roy
(Co-Program Director, RPEWM)

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