Volně přístupné články z High Altitude Medicine & Biology do 15. února 2020

High Altitude Medicine & Biology

Read and share Top-Read Papers of 2019 through February 15, 2020: 

[ Open Access ]
Impact of Hanging Motionless in Harness on Respiratory and Blood Pressure Reflex Modulation in Mountain Climbers
Francesca Lanfranconi, Alessandra Ferri, Luca Pollastri, Manuela Bartesaghi, Massimiliano Novarina, Giovanni De Vito, Egidio Beretta, and Lucio Tremolizzo  Read Now

[ Open Access ]
Effect of Altitude on Veteran Suicide Rates
Hana Sabic, Brent Kious, Danielle Boxer, Colleen Fitzgerald, Colin Riley, Lindsay Scholl, Erin McGlade, Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, Perry F. Renshaw, and Douglas G. Kondo  Read Now

Day of Ascent Dosing of Acetazolamide for Prevention of Acute Mountain Sickness
Grant S. Lipman, Carrie Jurkiewicz, Christopher Winstead-Derlega, Andrew Navlyt, Patrick Burns, Anne Walker, Caleb Phillips, Aaron Reilly, Andre Burnier, Joseph Romero, Keiran Warner, and Peter Hackett  Read Now

UIAA Medical Commission Recommendations for Mountaineers, Hillwalkers, Trekkers, and Rock and Ice Climbers with Diabetes
David Hillebrandt, Anil Gurtoo, Thomas Kupper, Paul Richards, Volker Schöffl, Pankaj Shah, Rianne van der Spek, Nikki Wallis, and Jim Milledge  Read Now

[ Open Access ]
XII ISMM World Congress on Mountain Medicine Mountain Medicine in the Heart of the Himalayas November 21–24, 2018 Kathmandu, Nepal
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